The preferred packaging choice

22 Sep 2015
The preferred packaging choice

“No matter what the product is or the mate­rial, we hove a solution to closing the bag by either heat sealing, gluing or stitching,” soys Anthony Mason of Buckle Packaging. The company represents Fischbein Com­pany from the USA, with a product choice ranging from hand-held, entry-level bag closing machines to continuous in-line automatic bog closing systems.

The Model MFS l 00 Fischbein heavy-duty bog stitcher boosts an auto power-driven in-feed prior to the stitcher. “This allows the operator to guide the filled bag into the in-feed device. The bag is gripped by the driven in-feed belts, automatically folded over and sewn closed, and the thread cut off giving a secure neat closure”.

The Model SH l 000 Saxon continuous hot air heat sealer seals bags at high speeds. The stainless steel unit hos variable speed allowing for simple and easy synchro­nization of existing equipment. Temper­ature is set by means of an Omron PIO controller.

“Other machinery such as the Honato continuous band sealer allows a l O mm wide secure and neat seal. It is avail­able with or without conveyors as well as with or without hot foil printers far iden­tification and trace­ability,” odds Mason.

Buckle Packaging of­fers a full range of backup spares and a service facility. Pre­mium bag closing thread is available in a range of colours.

FarmTech, June 2015 Vol. 11 Number 3