Fischbein PTP 200 Poly Thru Paper Heat Sealer

Fischbein’s Poly-Through-Paper Heat Sealer: the simple, efficient way to seal poly inner liners in multi-wall paper bags.

Mounted on a rugged, portable pedestal, the PTP-200 is fully adjustable, allowing for varying sizes, conveyor speeds and heights. To ensure a positive seal on flat and gusseted bags, the PTP-200 compresses the bag’s inner liner after sealing.

Fischbein’s Poly-Through-Paper Heat Sealer: the ultimate in technology for your bag sealing needs, and only from Fischbein.

The PTP is equipped with easy-to-adjust controls and features digital readout and variable speed controls. The adjustable height infeed guide provides consistent location of liner seal, and pressure belts ensure a positive seal of inner poly-liner. Five separate heater bars follow the bag contour, while air cylinders and precision regulator allow you to apply a precise amount of pressure to bags for maximum heat transfer and optimum seal.