After a very disuptive year ….all our staff were able to enjoy a socially responsible Xmas braai

25 and 10 year service awards were presented to deserving recipients

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fischbein double stitch sewing head

A Model 100 Fischbein in-line industrial heavy duty stitcher in operation – fitted with a pneumatic thread pusher for automatic thread cut off after the sewing process. Used for ease of operation on an automatic stitching line.


A big thank you to the October edition of Food Review!  This month read all about technology and solutions that make your meat, fish & poultry processing more profitable. Buckle Packaging is up there with the best in the industry – sealing bags closed securely and hygienically. See page 24!!!

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saxon heat sealing machines

Feeding the Nation

12 Nov 2019

Another busy day at Buckle Packaging ….Loading new
Saxon sealing equipment to the meat and poultry industry. Feeding the nation – sealing bags with Saxon sealers


Fischbein; Buckle Packaging

Fiscbein distributors from around the world


Fischbein: Buckle Packaging:

Distributors learning about new machinery

Buckle Packaging visited Fischbein Brussels in October 2019, with other distributors from around the globe. We at Buckle, see the value of  being at the forefront of technology. Offering you up to date machinery and innovative solutions to close your bags.


Fischbein Saxon TOS 300 SL Heat sealer

In August 2019, Buckle Packaging introduced the Fischbein Saxon TOS 300 SL.

This machine provides a double closure, by sealing the inner liner and closing the bag top by applying a paper tape.

Ideal for food products and to avoid contamination. 2 in 1 machine. Ideal for powder milk etc.

Fischbein Saxon TOS 300 SL Heat Sealer

Fischbein Saxon TOS 300 SL Heat Sealer

Propak 2019

20 Mar 2019

Buckle Packaging was proud to be sporting a new look with a state of the art exhibition stand at this years Propak at Nasrec. Buckle welcomed hundreds of customers to the stand both old and new and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. See you there again in 2022


Buckle Packaging

Buckle is 40 years old this year! Thank you to  you, all our loyal and valued customers for your continued support.

Buckle Packaging closing charcoal bags bag sewing machinery

Charcoal in Bags!

5 Nov 2018

Packing Charcoal into bags? Buckle Packaging delivered a Fischbein SPF mini system to a packing charcoal plant in NAMIBIA another happy customer!!

Buckle Packaging Fischbein bag closing system


Buckle Packaging is proud to be part of the new installations at our customers’ plants. We are on the cutting edge of bag closing technology. This was a new installation of Fischbein systems at a plant.

New Fischbein bag closing system Buckle Packaging

New Fischbein bag closing system Buckle Packaging

Buckle Packagings new Saxon Heat Sealer - heat sealing bags closed
Buckle Packaging Saxon Heat Sealer sealing bags closed

Buckle Packaging recently installed the new Saxon Heat Sealer at a grain factory – sealing bags closed securely 

Introducing…..The latest upgrade to the SH1000 Saxon sealer is the touch button control display. User friendly and hygienic.

Buckle Packaging was pleased to be at this years Africa Fertilizer Agribusiness Conference in Cape Town.

A conference to network with key decision makers from the biggest fertilizer manufacturers in some of the worlds fastest growing fertilizer  markets

Buckle Packaging at Africa Fertilizer conference Cape Town

Mr Tarek Zakaria ( Fischbein Europe) and Mr Arthur Jones ( Buckle Packaging) on the stand at the show


Buckle Packaging Hanato Heat Sealer sealing bags closed

Hanato Bag Sealers

25 Sep 2018

A suitable continuous heat sealer for closing large volumes of bags effectively. This unit is the same as the Model EX-720-HP HANATO above but excludes the Printer and counter. A proven machine for pre packing small to medium bags up to approximately 10kg to 12,5 kg maximum. Visit for more info

Buckle Packaging - Hanato heat Seaher - sealing dog food bags

Buckle Packaging – Hanato heat sealer – sealing dog food bags

Buckle Packaging - Hanato Heat sealer - sealing bags of product

Buckle Packaging – Hanato Heat sealer – sealing bags of product

Secure Bag Stitching

Processing your product and bagging it? Buckle Packaging supplies Fischbein stitchers to close your bags neatly and securely with a good appearance.

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Farm Tech August 2018

22 Aug 2018

Thanks to Farm Tech magazine for the latest editorial piece on Buckles’ 40 years of bagging excellence

Buckle People

17 Jul 2018

Our company is all about its people! Our staff look the part kitted out in their Buckle Packaging caps – we’re part of a team!

MUA Fischbein

Read all about the 40 years of Buckle Packaging success in the June edition of Food & Beverage Reporter, Anniversary article on page 30.

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MUA Fischbein

Industrial Buyer has written a great article about the uses of the end of line packaging machinery that Buckle Packaging sells. The service level & expertise our family run business has built up in this time span across many industries including grain, flour, sugar milling, animal feed, fertiliser, fruit & vegetable to name a few.

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The Buckle Packaging Team know how to party. This years Christmas function got off to a great start with everyone enjoying each others company, good music and delicious food!


Machines Galore

7 Nov 2017

A full factory of bag closing systems waiting to be dispatched to a happy customer …

Order Extra Thread

30 Oct 2017

Please remember to place your order for ‘bag closing thread’ timeously before the end of year rush. We have enough stock to cater for your demand. Available in Polo thread rolls for the portable machines, Jumbo thread for the heavy duty industrial stitchers, and 10kg precision wound ‘premium’ thread, as well as a range of colour thread.



Conveyor Systems

17 Oct 2017

We are able to offer a range of conveyors to suit various applications. Bag closing systems for all types of material handling. From PVC belts conveyors to plastic-modular belts.



Fisbein Model F SB-9K

Fischbein Stitchers

17 Oct 2017

Fischbein stitchers are tough and durable and are the choice of the agricultural industry. We remain the leaders in ‘bag closing technology’



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New Nampo-record leaves previous figure in dust

The excellent current season for summer crops has contributed to a new record of 78 648 visitors during Grain SA’s recent NAMPO Harvest Day. The visitor’s positivity was inspiring and many of the more than 700 exhibitors reported that their businesses benefited greatly.

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Meadow Feeds Group

6 Feb 2017

Buckle Packaging supplies the Meadow Feeds group with quality Fischbein stitches and premium bag closing thread


Make sure to diarise to visit us in May - Nampo 2017

Be sure to visit us from 16 – 19 May 2017 at the Nampo Park in Bothaville, Free State (view map).

Buckle Packaging will be there to exhibit our bag closing equipment to the agricultural sector. Grain milling, seed, fertilizer,  potatoes and other agricultural related products.

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A superior packaging choice

Buckle Packaging operates from the company owned premises in City Deep, Johannesburg and celebrates its 36th anniversary this year.

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The preferred packaging choice

“No matter what the product is or the mate­rial, we hove a solution to closing the bag by either heat sealing, gluing or stitching,” soys Anthony Mason of Buckle Packaging. The company represents Fischbein Com­pany from the USA, with a product choice ranging from hand-held, entry-level bag closing machines to continuous in-line automatic bog closing systems.

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The present and future of flexibles

Packaging Review looks at flexible printing and sealing technology, from locally developed inks and efficient bag sealers to a European experimental project featuring smart indicators for flexible packs.

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Buckle Packaging - supplier of choice

This year celebrating its 36th anniversary, Buckle Packaging has emerged as one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of packaging equipment for closing open-mouth filled bags.

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