Industrial Buyer: Forty years of bag closing excellence

21 May 2018
MUA Fischbein

Industrial Buyer has written a great article about the uses of the end of line packaging machinery that Buckle Packaging sells. The service level & expertise our family run business has built up in this time span across many industries including grain, flour, sugar milling, animal feed, fertiliser, fruit & vegetable to name a few.

‘As a pack house manager for a large potato farming organisation I have been privileged to work with the Buckle Packaging team for the past eight years,’ says Theuns van der Merwe. ‘As far as service delivery is concerned I have had only the best, and they continue to go the extra mile to make sure their clients are well serviced. Fischbein is a quality stitcher and we have improved on our production since installing these units on all our lines. I will gladly recommend them to any new potential client.’

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