Buckle Packaging – supplier of choice

22 Sep 2015
Buckle Packaging - supplier of choice

This year celebrating its 36th anniversary, Buckle Packaging has emerged as one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of packaging equipment for closing open-mouth filled bags.

‘Whatever the product or material, bag closing can be achieved using heat sealing, gluing or stitching,’ remarks Buckle Packaging MD, Anthony Mason, who attributes his company’s continued growth to the supply of superb quality equipment and the provision of a comprehensive backup service.

Among Buckle Packaging’s principals is US-based Fischbein, with a far-reaching portfolio – from hand­held, entry-level bag-closing machines to continuous inline automatic bag-closing systems. One is the popular MFS100 heavy-duty bag stitcher that boasts an power-driven infeed device before the stitcher into which the operator can guide filled bags. The bag is gripped by the infeed belts, automatically folded over and sewn closed. The thread is then cut, giving a secure neat closure.

According to Anthony, this option is often requested for filling laminated woven polypropylene bags and some paper bags, with premium bag closing thread available in a range of colours.

Buckle Packaging also offers the SH1000 Saxon continuous hot air heat sealer – renowned for its leading-edge design and reliable performance in the poultry, spice, sugar, rice, powder and food sectors. The unit is available in stainless steel for the food industry and features variable speed as standard, allowing for easy synchronisation with existing equipment; another feature is an Omron PIO temperature controller.

‘Another sought-after technology is the Hanato continuous band sealer that’s extremely successful for food packaging, allowing a 10mm-wide secure, neat seal,’ Anthony adds. ‘All machines are available with conveyors and hot foil printers for identification and traceability if required.’

FMCG, May 2015